Planning & Consent

West of Orkney Offshore Application

The West of Orkney Windfarm has submitted comprehensive offshore consent applications to Scottish Ministers for our proposed offshore windfarm that promises to reshape and reinvigorate Scotland’s supply chain.

The submission includes applications for consent under the Electricity Act 1989 and marine licence applications under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010.

Accompanying these is an extensive suite of assessments based on survey data collected over two and a half years.

All documents relating to the application can be viewed here:West of Orkney Offshore Application – Document Downloads

West of Orkney Onshore Application

We have received planning permission in principle under the Town & Country Planning Act for our onshore proposals for the West of Orkney Windfarm.

The documents submitted as part of the onshore application can still be viewed by clicking the button below.

West of Orkney Onshore Application – Document Downloads

The decision notice and other documents are available on The Highland Council’s website.

Reference: 23/05353/PIP.

Proposal: West of Orkney Wind Farm - construction of onshore transmission infrastructure comprising up to two cable landfalls, an onshore substation and up to five associated export circuits.

The Highland Council Decision Notice and Documents