Document Library

West of Orkney Windfarm

Welcome to our document library where you will find all public documents relating to our project. This will include community questionnaires, environmental statements, reports and general information about the windfarm proposal.

As the project grows, so will the library. Documents will be grouped under headings, but you can also use the search bar below to find what you need.

Thumbnail Title Filename
PDF file icon Virtual_Exhibition_boards_MARCH_2022.pdf Virtual_Exhibition_boards_MARCH_2022.pdf
PDF file icon WOW_PAC_event_Notice_Oct 22_OFFSHORE_FINAL.pdf WOW_PAC_event_Notice_Oct_22_OFFSHORE_FINAL.pdf
PDF file icon WOW_PAC_event_Notice_Nov 22_ONSHORE_FINAL.pdf WOW_PAC_event_Notice_Nov_22_ONSHORE_FINAL.pdf
PDF file icon 220923-Community-Engagement-Plan-FINAL.pdf 220923-Community-Engagement-Plan-FINAL.pdf
PDF file icon Community_Questionnaire_FINAL.pdf Community_Questionnaire_FINAL.pdf
PDF file icon SCDS_Outlook_FINAL.pdf SCDS_Outlook_FINAL.pdf
PDF file icon West-of-Orkney-Windfarm-EIA-Scoping-Report-March-2022.pdf West-of-Orkney-Windfarm-EIA-Scoping-Report-March-2022.pdf